Friday, February 19, 2010

Fancy a flashlight?

Because I am currently nursing a head injury, I am struggling to find positive words about bright lights... But I am vaguely remembering back to a time called "this morning" when building a cave in the dark and using flashlights to light up our story was fun-really fun. So fun in fact, that no more rules were followed for almost the rest of the day. Ah well, we are still learning how to contain excitement (how sad for people who have to learn how to show it!...this is never a problem in preschool). And besides, caves and flashlights are cool. Of course they ecclipse such menial things like going to the bathroom, lining up, eating, (for crying out loud, who has time for that when there are DISCOVERIES to be made?!) and watching out for bookshelves that could jump out and attack a teacher's forehead when she's least expecting it. Sheesh. But really, flashlights were fun this week. We took some apart (only got some pieces back together, however), shined them into each other's eyes, got taught how NOT to shine them into each other's eyes, hunted for letters, and of course, built a cave and read a story.

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